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How to Balance Your Life as a Lawyer

How to Balance Your Life as a Lawyer If you’re an attorney, chances are that the labels of “overachiever” and “perfectionist” fit you well. That’s not necessarily a bad thing — in fact, it’s a great thing for your clients and your bottom line. But it may be having the opposite effect on your body […]

The Importance of Client-Friendly Documents

The Importance of Client-Friendly Documents Have you ever clicked to accept a user agreement without reading it? According to various studies, surveys, and informal polls, practically everyone has done that at least once. Why? Most often because legalese, the specialized language of the legal profession is hard to understand. It might be relatively harmless to agree […]

Fewer Steps in Planning: Making Your Life Easier

Fewer Steps in Planning: Making Your Life Easier Time is money. The less time it takes to provide a client with their estate plans, the more you can focus on finding and retaining new clients. In other words, the more efficient you are, the more money you’ll earn. But in order to find more time […]

Forbes on Customer Service

I recently read an article on about the latest consumer trends. The following caught my eye: Bad customer service is costing companies $62 billion annually in the US and could be costing you thousands each year Value and experience are a greater concern for consumers than price Clients want a response NOW Focusing on […]

Is your website getting results?

I’ve talked to several firms about their website and have spent hundreds of hours studying how to optimize our website. There are two key issues that I have seen that causes your website to not get results when people are viewing it. They don’t know how to call you because the phone number is buried. […]

Interview with Tyler Melling – Beyond Counsel User

I had a chance to have a phone conversation with Tyler Melling with Melling Law, PC.  I first met Tyler when he was just starting his practice and he signed up for our software.  Now he has created a successful Estate Planning practice in the small town of Cedar City, Utah.  Learn how he did […]

Backing Up and Sharing Files with Your Team

You know you need to be backing up your files.  Do you already have something in place for backing up your files?  If not watch the video below and we will tell you about some different options that are available.  We also tell you about some options for sharing files with other people on your […]

Get Paid Faster With The Practical Planning System

One of the areas that attorneys have told us that they struggle with is getting paid in a reasonable time. Some attorneys have told us it takes them a couple of months to get their clients back into their office for signing and to get paid. This doesn’t have to be the case. Even if […]

June Webinar – How Systems Make You More Profitable

Do you want a more profitable law firm? Beyond Counsel knows that you want to be successful as an attorney. We also know that success doesn’t come easy. You might be struggling to make your law firm profitable so that you can grow your income. We believe that the key to your success is having […]

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