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Here’s 5 Things to Ask Your Clients When Making a Will to Make Sure They Will Be Satisfied with It

Making a will is often something that people don’t like to think or talk about. But, it’s a necessary process to take part in if you want to ensure your assets are properly distributed. And, if you’re the one in charge of making a will, you’re going to want to make sure you ask your […]

5 Advantages Of Having Estate Plan Software That Will Give Your Legal Team The Edge

Did you know that 60 percent of all Americans lack a proper will? Well, according to a survey conducted on how Americans prepare for the end of life, only our in ten people have a living trust. But, have you ever wondered what potential complications might arise if you passed away before writing the last […]

5 Big Estate Planning Mistakes Any Attorney Can Make

Four years of undergraduate study. Three years of law school. Pass the bar exam. That’s what it takes to become an attorney. But even with all that education, mistakes happen. Estate planning attorneys are tasked with helping clients protect their assets after death. Clients trust lawyers to give sound advice and guide them through the […]

Estate Planning Software For Attorneys: What Your Firm Can Expect

The first lawyers in ancient Rome and Greece from 200 BCE to 600 CE served to interpret and explain the law to those who needed help. This is very similar to what attorneys do today. Today’s attorneys have a huge advantage over their Roman counterparts: technology. If your firm isn’t using estate planning software for […]

Estate Planning Software: How To Explain To The Average American

Given that the majority of Americans lack a will or any proper estate planning, it’s important that everyone has a plan for their future. Estate planning software helps put the power of building an estate into the hands of more people. But without any guidance, the tools won’t reach their potential. Without an explanation that […]

Here Are 10 Estate Planning Questions You Should Always Ask Your Client.

More than half of Americans are missing vital estate planning documents. If you aren’t having your clients answer a comprehensive questionnaire of estate planning questions, then you might be part of the problem. The best thing you can do for your clients and your firm is to streamline and standardize the process. To do this, […]

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