Category: Estate Planning

What is Online Estate Planning?

A new client contacts you to see if you can prepare their will or trust.   What do you do next?   Schedule an appointment to meet with them? What information do you ask them to bring to their appointment, if any? After meeting with them, and it is time to prepare their documents, do […]

The Attorneys Complete Estate Planning Checklist

Estate planning is often avoided because clients don’t want to address the fact that they might someday need it. It seems scary or sad or overwhelming to think about their affairs when they are not living anymore. Too many Americans avoid taking care of this important part of their lives. The part that takes care […]

How Trust Software for Attorneys Can Benefit Your Customers

If you ask around, you’ll find that most millennials think they’re going to get an inheritance even though very few will. A lot of that comes down to communication between the estate holder and the attorneys they work with. When you use trust software for attorneys, both estate holders and heirs have a clearer understanding […]

Will vs Trust: How to Decide Which One Is Best for Your Client

It is crucial for your client to establish asset control of their estate in the event of their death. Propper estate management involves specifying the way in which your clients’ estate is distributed and allocated. A will or living trust ensures that your client has the final say in where their assets end up after […]

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