4 in 10 Americans have a living trust or a will. When it comes to hiring a lawyer to prepare these documents, older adults tend to make up the majority.

Having an estate plan is essential. But for many people, it's a daunting task to face. The most common reasons for waiting are that people feel they don't have enough assets to warrant needing estate planning services or that they haven't gotten around to it.

Having the best legal software to help with your firm's estate planning services is one of the greatest things you do for your business.

Not only is there a need for estate planning services for people that haven't yet created a will, but there is also a need for estate planning when someone wishes to make a change.

Keep reading to find out about the best legal software for every type of practice!

One That Provides PDF Conversion

Going paperless is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and look good in the process. Plus, it will save you time and money in the long run. If you're a law firm and you want to be paperless, you won't be able to do it easily without PDF conversion capabilities.

While serving your clients, you'll come across many documents, some of which were written long before the digital age. With PDF conversion software, you can scan any document and turn it into a PDF in a matter of seconds. From here you'll be able to store it and make sure that even if it gets lost, you'll always have a copy.

One That Helps with Timekeeping and Billing

As a lawyer, you're always busy, so why not save time anywhere that you can? With software that keeps track of time, you can better serve your clients and keep track of how much time you spend on what, and when. Plus you can use it for your employees too when it comes to clocking in and out and overtime.

More than half of customers would rather pay with a debit or credit card. Hardly anyone uses checks or cash anymore.

With billing software, you don't have to send a paper bill in the mail to your clients, and they don't have to mail you a check.

When online payments are available to your customers, payments are typically made much faster. Plus it's one less thing you have to keep track of and ask for.

One That Helps You Communicate Internally

Your email can quickly become inundated with spam and requests that you may be able to afford to get around to later. But when it comes to communicating with your staff, timely responses are often required.

With restricted-access, internal communication systems, you'll be able to assign tasks, share a calendar, trade information, and communicate effectively.

One That Allows for Document Automation and Assembly

With a document automation program, you'll be able to customize existing templates in more ways than one. You'll be able to add client information and store it effectively, without having to print or re-write anything.

You can use the same attorney software to train new employees and familiarize them with all your documentation without having to print or re-write a thing. The best estate planning software will provide expert legal education and workflow automation to keep your business running smooth and strong.

One That Manages Your Documents and Keeps Them Safe

Even if all of your client's documents are digital, the last thing you'd want to happen is a security breach. When you store client's personal information and important documents on your hard drive, you're exposing yourself to that possibility.

A management program will store these files and private information in a digital vault so that you never have to worry about a data breach.

Every case has numerous documents attached to it. This software will also help you manage and organize all of these documents so that you're never left searching for that one piece of paper.

Plus, with this law software, you'll be able to work with your colleagues and share documents from many different locations.

One That Provides Password Management

When you're in charge of clients' valuable, personal, and financial information, you must protect that information from cybercriminals.

That being said, no one can remember the long list of passwords created for the many applications and programs that we use. But if you're responsible for private information, you can't exactly record your passwords in the notes on your phone.

You can store all of your passwords securely with a password management program, and you can use that same software to recall a password whenever you need to.

Because the software remembers your passwords for you, you can create complex, long passwords that no one will be able to hack.

Legal Software Will Do Wonders for Your Business

Are you feeling bogged down by paperwork and disorganization? Are you wasting time monitoring the time worked and client payments?

Do you need a better system for managing client information and your complex passwords? Do you want your estate planning services to feel more like a breeze and less like a burden? 

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, it's probably time for legal software that can help with all of those issues and much more.

Everything is digital these days. Not only is it better for the environment, but it's also much more convenient for lawyers and their clients alike.

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