Perhaps you and your law firm are tired of the manual process of drafting estate plan documents. You know there has to be a better way to increase accuracy, improve communication, and keep your clients happy. You want more time to reach and help more people and feel like estate plan software is for you.

You aren't the only one.

According to the American Bar Association, over 40% of lawyers do their marketing. Adding to this, are the percentages of American adults that don't have estate planning done.

Based on AARP data, 6 out of 10 US adults do not have wills. The lack of estate planning leads to the probate court. Based on recent data, this may cost anywhere from 2-7% of the estate, costing American families over $2 billion a year.

What does estate planning software for lawyers offer? The software includes estate planning with documentation, automation, and education.

You may be thinking about getting estate planning software, and want to be smart about it. When the time comes to create an estate plan software, you want to be prepared with the best. Make sure you are using the software you and your finances deserve

Top 3 Best Estate Plan Softwares

An estate plan software needs accurate documentation, workflow automation, and expert legal education. You will want to be sure the estate plan software you review for ease of use, what's included, support, and compliance with regulations.

It is important to take time reviewing estate plan software. Ask about how the estate plan software billing occurs both for you and/or your clients. You will want an all in one solution for your estate plan software. You want it to include documentation, automation, and education with a simple subscription monthly.

If there is an annual commitment, don't be afraid to ask for specials or discounts if the software is your favorite. You will want to look at a minimum of these top 3 estate plan software.

Schedule Your Demos

You will want to outline your decision making for your estate plan software. This will include your demos of estate plan software for ease of use, review of what's included, and pricing and the return on investment.

Take the time to schedule your demos for these top 3 estate plan software. Give yourself time in between each one to take notes on ease, inclusions, pricing, and investment. Then, compare all three to see what's best for you.

Analyze Estate Planning Software for:

  • Asset Inventory 
  • Family Liabilities
  • Outlining Directives
  • State and National Laws

You will want the software to have the ability to draft these elements into a:

  • Will and Revocable Trust
  • General Durable of Attorney
  • Health Care Power of Attorney
  • and Living Will

You will also want to ask for reviews for compliance with the software.

Beyond Counsel

Beyond Counsel focuses on better systems, better practice, and a better life. Our experience includes over 15 years in the industry, over 100,000 clients served, and over 1 million documents produced.

They offer subscription models with different levels including increasing value at each level. Their estate plan software includes estate plan drafting, workflow management, and legal education

When there is no automation or workflow set up to flag time-sensitive items, it costs the firm reputation, time, and money.

Think of how this estate planning software will save you and attorneys at your firm time and money. You want automated scheduling for your clients. Think of all the hours you and your firm spend on this alone.

In your demo or trial, review the questionnaires for the clients covering all estate planning elements such as:

  • Asset Inventory
  • Mortgage and Insurance
  • Directives 
  • Beneficiaries

They also offer added ongoing value for free via their blog with topics including online estate planning, software insights, and attorney checklists.

As an attorney, you want to be on top of expert education in the legal field. With an estate plan software, you want to ask if expert legal education is included in the estate plan software subscription and/or package.

Clio and Schedule Once

These tools help you transform the way you work as well. Any of the tools will help modernize your law firm. They include automation, scheduling, legal education, payment processing, and timekeeping at a variety of levels.

With each of the tools, you will want to experience the demo, see what is offered, get insight on the support, and updates for education. Depending on your caseload, this may be done within less than two weeks.

Ask about education with estate plan software such as:

  • Age Requirements
  • Specific Distributions
  • Age Requirements

In addition, you will want to check on the legal education components review for updates to regulations. It is not enough to simply have expert education, it is key that it is continuously updated for accuracy.

Best Estate Plan Software

You may see why your firm needs estate plan software. It will save you time, money, and reputation. With estate plan software, it will keep your client happy and save you time.

Ask yourself how many errors will it take for your firm to make? How many unhappy clients with their life legacy? How many overlooked deadlines? If nothing changes, nothing changes. Your firm risks your reputation deteriorating with potential inefficiencies and unhappy clients.

What would it take to try out an estate plan software like ours?

Don't you owe it to your clients to honor their last wishes? Don't you owe it to your firms' future to take this seriously?  

Please comment on what was your favorite insight below.

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