Why Do We Exist?

Twenty years ago, we began practicing law in large firms, and left very successful careers to start our own businesses because we saw that the way people practice law was (and is) flat-out broken.  All too often, many lawyers burn out, are dis-satisfied with the practice of law, or simply exhaust themselves by sacrificing their time, their families their sanity, and their health for the sake of their clients. 

We know that lawyers suck at sales (mainly because they hate to sell), are inconsistent with time management, and know very little about running their own businesses. Furthermore, lawyers believe their role is to service their client, and somehow have gotten into selling time, when they should really be selling knowledge and results. 

What We Believe

We believe lawyers can and should thrive from their shared experiences, unique insights, and perspectives gained from law practices, particularly ones that created thousands of estate plans and accomplished wealth transfers.

We believe that lawyers want to be advocates, not sales people. We believe lawyers wish to serve their client and somehow have gotten into selling time, when they should really be selling knowledge and results. 

Furthermore, we believe that the practice values spending time, and billing hours. We believe that most lawyers are inconsistent with their time management, often know very little about running their own businesses, and many lack self-confidence in doing so.

Thrive from our systems, and Go Beyond.


Make our Clients look good!

We Go Beyond, so you can Go Beyond!

Our systems and processes are constantly evolving and updated to provide industry leading software, thought leadership, and market insights to our clients, so that they can provide a level of service and quality of representation that they never thought possible.

Beyond Counsel’s estate planning system brings order to chaos, and allows you the flexibility to grow your practice, they way you want. 

We believe in creating a system that allows you to produce world class documents quickly, accurately, and with a reduction in headaches and frustration, you and your staff will be more satisfied with your practice, and your client’s will sing your praises.


Making it Happen

We take pride in being proactive with our clients to ensure they are receiving the best possible service from us.

playing as a team

Our team of experts have extensive knowledge and are committed to providing a friendly, professional service at all times.

wowING the cUstomer

We are dedicated to the delivery of excellence and apply a fresh approach to the practice of estate planning.

We believe estate planning professionals deserve to have the freedom to deliver the best, consistent client experience every single time without laboring to do so.

We believe the estate planning process should be harmonious and insightful.

We believe clients deserve to understand the documents they sign in clear, concise language.

We believe you can work smarter rather than harder and that technology should improve and not detract your quality of life.

We believe that most lawyers are short changing themselves and their clients when they fail to deliver great documents, and a great experience.

We believe we can change the course of your life and the lives of your clients.

Which is Why, We Believe in You.

 Beyond Counsel's consultants love talking legal tech. 


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