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our cradle to grave workflow system take your prospects to clients, and beyond.
Attorneys and firms have several different names for what we term “workflow”: client or case management, file management, project management, etc. Essentially, it all boils down to the same basic concept: ensuring that each of your clients’ cases gets taken care of properly from start to finish.

Regardless of the size of your practice, every case that slips through the cracks in your workflow system is a loss of time, money, and reputation. The more efficient and automatic you can make your system, the more clients you retain – and the happier they are with your services. Remember, clients’ number one complaint about their attorney across the board, no matter the practice area, state, or jurisdiction is a lack of communication. Ensuring that not even the smallest client or case gets forgotten in the busy day-to-day work of your practice is critical to a successful practice.

Knowing how important a good workflow system is, however, doesn’t actually help you develop or
implement one. And as an attorney, you already have less time than you need for administration and
systems development – you have fires to put out and clients that need attention.

This is where we step in.

BeyondCounsel’s practice tested workflow system takes your estate planning prospects from their initial contact with you, through every step of their case, and to closing their file and getting positive reviews and referrals. 

Below, we’ll walk you through the steps of the workflow system we’ve developed to increase your efficiency and
effectively manage your estate planning cases.


Every prospective-client call you miss is a loss of potential – not only of the business or income from the case itself, but a lost chance to network, increase your knowledge, or improve your word-of-mouth reputation in that practice area. At the same time, setting up new appointments can be time consuming;
there are several options available to ensure that any new phone call rings through to your cell, regardless of the time, day of the week, or availability (or existence) of your staff, but answering the phone to set up new consultations – while important – is not the most productive use of your already-limited time.

Enter online scheduling software. If you don’t already have online scheduling, you need it – both for the reasons above and due to the increasing use of technology in your clients’ daily lives. Our Beyond Counsel scheduling software connects right to your Google calendar or Microsoft Office 365 account to allow clients to sign up for appointment (in the times you’ve allotted?) whenever they have the time to access it – 24 hours a day 7 days a week – without taking up your already-full time with a scheduling phone call.

We use this same software to schedule our demonstrations. Click on the schedule demo and you can see for yourself how easy it is to use.

Online Intake Questionnaires

While your notes from an initial client consult or meeting are often invaluable to their case, making certain that you have ALL the necessary information from your clients, and that it’s accurate, can be tedious as well as taking up precious amounts of your time. Our intake questionnaire is integrated into our system, so that your clients can fill it out on paper, or online, before or after (or even during) their first meeting with you, to efficiently gather important information directly from them.

The information entered by your clients carries over into the Beyond Counsel Drafting System, reducing the need to spend time deciphering and entering handwritten intake notes into the system. 

Our white-labeled system puts you front and center– your branding, logo and color scheme is rendered by our secure server, which is then integrated directly into your website and workflow.  We do all the heavy lifting, and you enjoy the data, clear and uncluttered.

Once the information is downloaded by you or your staff and imported into the Beyond Counsel Drafting System,  you are minutes away from drafting your engagement letter, and then just a few steps away from producing a full set of documents ready for signing.

Practical Interview Features:

Access the Practical Interview, anywhere, anytime–  Your clients can fill out the information on their Tablet, Smart device, PC, or Mac. 

Enterprise Grade security, using SSL encryption to protect your client’s personal information, and physical security of server’s maintained at military grade levels by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The data is also automatically deleted after 14 days of last access.

The client’s information is deleted after you download the information, giving your clients
further security.

Please note that if prospective clients don’t finish the online questionnaire within 7 days of creating their account, all their information is deleted for their security.

Drafting Estate Documents

Drafting needs to be as easy and efficient as possible, while maintaining a high level of accuracy and producing readable, appropriate, and error-free documents. With Beyond Counsel, we have refined the drafting process to make it as effective as possible. To learn more about the drafting process click below.


Document execution is a critical part of every estate planning case. As you know, this is where you ensure that every document your client needs is signed and executed appropriately. This may appear like it should be a straightforward process: your client sets up a time, comes to your office, and executes the documents in whatever manner necessary to fulfill your state’s requirements. However, there are certain snags that come up fairly regularly in document execution, and which you need to be prepared to handle when they happen in your cases. We have developed a training program to guide you through the potential pitfalls of execution. This training is included in our Expert Training.

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