Let’s face it, as a lawyer, you know very little about running your business. You want to focus on servicing your client, but you waste time with repetitive tasks and inconsistent workflows. Stop wasting time and sell knowledge and results with estate plan software. With the right software, you will practice better time management. You will streamline your workflows and please your clients.

Quit trying to be a salesperson. Adopt a proven estate plan software and spend your valuable time exceeding your clients’ expectations.

Keep reading to learn more about how your practice – and your clients – benefit from estate plan software.

How Practices Benefit from Estate Plan Software

There are several reasons to consider estate plan software for your practice. The best estate planning software for lawyers will help you draft documents, onboard clients, foster relationships, and build your expertise with continued learning features.

Here are five ways you can better serve your clients with these tools:

1. Drafting Documents

As an attorney, you deal with a lot of documents. In fact, by the end of 2015, attorneys reported creating or receiving more than 70 documents every day. Do the math. That’s 26,000 documents per year!

Drafting and managing your documents successfully is critical to running an efficient and effective practice. Estate plan software provides you with the ability to create estate plans quickly and accurately.

Built-in formatting features allow you to make format changes to an entire document. You can also easily create a table of contents, add or remove paragraphs, change text formatting, and more.

With software that is intuitive and easy-to-use, you’re able to stay on target.

Concise Documents

Not only do you need to be able to create documents quickly, but they should also be concise.

Estate plan software helps you create client-friendly documents written in first-person language. This makes your documents relatable and understandable, but still legally sufficient. They will meet the needs of your clients and you will save time by not having to explain the complicated language to clients.

This system creates documents that are understood by your clients, which builds trust in you and your practice. You can feel confident in serving your client.

Reuse Scenarios

Another bonus feature of most estate planning software is the ability to reuse common scenarios within your documents.

Let’s say you routinely see elderly clients with two children who wish to create a will that splits their estate equally between them.

If you’re busy, you can save a custom scenario with pre-configured selections that you would select when building a will for the client previously mentioned. You will only need to change the parts of the will that are specific to that client. All of the other ideal options will stay selected for that scenario, which will save you time and money.

Supporting Documents

Estate plan software will provide you with supporting documents you can share with clients to guide them through the process. Not only will this help your clients understand the process, but it will also improve the communication between you.

2. Manage Your Workflows

It’s important that your clients are receiving exemplary service from start to finish.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your practice is. Every case you lose is a waste of time, loss of money, and a hit to your reputation.

Estate plan software can improve your current system by making it efficient and automatic. This means you are more likely to retain happy clients.

3. Manage Communication Expectations

Clients commonly complain about lack of communication from their attorney.

Make sure no one gets forgotten. Every client matters, so you need a workflow that guides them through the entire process. This means they are led through scheduling their appointment to the closing of the case.

In the end, this unbroken communication promotes more positive reviews, which help your business’s reputation.

4. Scheduling

Every time your phone rings, the potential is calling.

A call from a prospect has the potential to generate revenue from the case, but will also provide network opportunities. You will also have the chance to build your reputation in the community and boost your reputation.

So, when a prospect calls, you must be prepared to schedule them for a consultation. This process takes time.

Real estate plan software provides a helpful online scheduling option, leading to faster appointments. Plus, in a world becoming increasingly dependent on technology, your clients will demand it.

Offer Intake Questionnaires

Many attorneys spend an ample amount of time at the beginning of consultations collecting information from clients.

What if you could collect that information before they arrived? With estate plan software, your client will have the option of printing the questionnaire to fill out on paper or complete it online. An integrated questionnaire option allows you to efficiently gather the information you need.

Build Customer Relationships

Customer relationships are vital to any practice. The ability to personalize client files is required in any reputable estate plan software.

How does this work? When you enter information into the system, it will supply context based on the client relationship. You can personalize their file and have the option of referring to their spouse or other beneficiaries by name.

This builds client trust and makes them feel more comfortable throughout the process.

5. Continued Learning

Finally, the best estate plan software will improve your practice by offering features that help you build your skills.

These features may include continuing education programs, mentor services, deep-dive interviews, and more.

If you know what questions to ask, how to ask them, and when during client interviews, you will reinvigorate your practice.

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The right wills and trust software will help you grow your practice as a business while also increasing your expertise.

With technology to improve your workflows, the best estate plan software will help you work smarter, not harder.

Empower your clients with documents they can understand – written in clear, concise language. Create a great client experience and a happier environment for your staff to ensure the future of your practice.

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