Why a Living Trust Attorney Needs Simple Software to Save Time

What if a single purchase could simplify your life as an attorney?

It sounds a little too good. However, for a living trust attorney, buying simple software is a pretty simple decision.

This can help save you time, boost your productivity, and generally make things easier. Keep reading for a full breakdown of why this is a must-have purchase for your business!

1. Facing the Frog

Famous writer Mark Twain once jokingly referred to our unpleasant responsibilities as a frog that we have to eat. His logic was that it's better "eat that frog" earlier in the day instead of putting it off.

This is something attorneys understand all too well. Various tasks often hang over your day like a shroud until they are completed.

Fortunately, simple software can help you eat that frog with speed and with ease. Such software takes the various tasks associated with estate planning and puts the easy mode right at your fingertips.

That frog will be different for every attorney. However, the right simple software can help every attorney make their most unpleasant responsibilities easier and more accessible.

2. Time Management

Time management is the foundation of every productive business. It's impossible to become better at your job without becoming better at managing your time.

Simple software almost instantly takes your time management game to the next level. One way it does this is by providing much of the information you need at the touch of a button. Reducing your paperwork and easing your research is a major time saver!

Additionally, the right software makes it easier to fill out the documentation required for a living trust attorney. Most of your documents will be easier to fill out, which adds up in a big way.

3. Better Billing

Billing clients is always a bittersweet feeling for an attorney. Of course, it's always good to get paid for your hard work. However, clients sometimes have difficulty understanding exactly what they're getting billed for.

Having to explain complicated billing services to clients is frustrating for everyone. And it starts to cut into your bottom line!

Simple software leads to better billing by providing straightforward documents that clients understand. This helps them understand more about your services at every step of the way.

Shorter, simpler documents saves time for everyone. This helps make everything from start to invoice that much simpler!

4. Dodging the Phone

We all understand the client communication is key to a good client relationship. However, every living trust attorney we know dreads lengthy client phone calls.

Such calls typically translate to interruptions, especially when you are trying to be productive. And it's tough to shake the feeling that there are better ways to communicate.

As it turns out, simple software is that solution. It can help you condense complicated ideas and documents into streamlined forms.

This makes it easy to forward such documents to clients and generally rely more on electronic communication such as e-mails. Easier documents and electronic communication translates to fewer phone calls.

Let's be honest: aren't we all more productive when the phone isn't ringing?

5. Task-Switching for the Living Trust Attorney

One of the big time sinks for a living trust attorney is having to switch between different tasks. You often lose a lot of time as you switch between document drafting to client communication or other tasks.

This is another area where simple software can really help you out. By streamlining the act of documentation and communication, such software allows you to more properly focus on one thing at a time.

You will ultimately minimize task-switching and become more productive in any given time period.

6. Precision Calendar

Another major key to your productivity is having a precision legal calendar. This helps you organize everything from the number of active clients to the daily routine of each day.

Such a calendar can be very difficult to stick to, though. This is especially true when different tasks take longer than you were planning and eat into your schedule.

Simple software allows you to more quickly complete a variety of different tasks. This ends up helping you keep to the calendar you have created for yourself.

This ultimately goes hand in hand with making you better at overall planning.

7. Better Planning

The key to good planning for a living trust attorney is creating a solid "to do" list. However, it's important to be mindful of when you create such a list and what you put on there.

It's important to decide on a daily schedule by the end of the previous day. This gives you a realistic game plan of things that you need to tackle.

Simple software can change the game by improving how quickly you handle things like documentation and communication. This lets you further streamline your to-do list and create an even leaner and meaner personal schedule.

8. Secure Communication

Communication with clients is very important. However, you need to have secure communication to protect the privacy of the data contained in the documents you are exchanging.

The more you communicate with clients, the more the risk that something is sent that compromises their information. This usually occurs with clients during repeated sessions of back and forth emailing

Simple software can reduce this risk by simplifying the data itself. By streamlining the various documentation for a living trust attorney, you minimize the number of emails you exchange with clients.

The fewer the emails, the less risk of any private data being compromised. This makes the entire process much safer!

The Bottom Line

As a living trust attorney, you know that your time is valuable. That's why you want to become more efficient and have to spend less time per client.

At Beyond Counsel, we understand your needs and have designed a system that will help you out. It helps simply documents, streamline communication, and generally make your job a lot easier from day to day.

Our simple software is a game change for your business. To see how we can transform your daily life, request pricing for your business today!

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