We are always looking for ways to improve how Attorneys practice estate planning.  Our goal is to help you create documents without needing to answer more than 10 questions for each one. Part of that goal is making the Practical Interview available to you where your clients can fill in their personal information. When coupled with the Scenario Builder© you will be able to produce will and trust estate planning documents with 10 questions or less.

We know what you are thinking. You might be concerned about the issue of making sure each client receives a customized estate plan for their specific needs. Here are some common questions about the Ten Questions Goal:

Does this mean that I’m sacrificing a customized estate plan for my clients?

The answer is no. We allow you to setup scenarios based on the type of planning you are doing for your clients.  For example, you can create a scenario that is for a young couple with small children. This scenario might include a Will and Testamentary Trust for the spouse and then a Sprinkle Trust for the children.  Once the scenario is created you can always make adjustments in the HotDocs™ interview to customize it for your client’s needs.

Will the 10 question goal work for all of my clients?

The nature of planning for clients that have various needs means that there will be cases where the 10 questions goal will not work, but because of the online interview you are still able to save significant time in preparing the estate planning documents for your clients with our software.

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