Beyond Counsel, an estate planning Software Company, is continuing to lead the way in offering systems to improve the efficiency of your office. We are pleased to announce, an online client questionnaire. Clients can now enter their information on a secure website. This information can be downloaded and opened in the Beyond Counsel estate planning software – eliminating input by your staff! After meeting with your client, you are just a few questions away from having a full set of documents ready for signing.

Practical Interview Features:

  • Your clients can fill out the information on their PC, MAC, Tablet or Smart phone.
  • The website is secure. We use SSL encryption to protect your client’s personal information.
  • The client’s information is deleted after you download the information, giving your clients further security.
  • Please note, if prospective clients don't finish the online within 7 days of them creating an account, all their information is deleted.

Beyond Counsel’s mission is to assist your office in creating high quality, custom documents in just 10 questions per document.  Contact us about how we can help you streamline your document creation.

Test Out Estate Planning Online Interview

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