Are you curious about the advantages of using estate planning software at your law firm?

Estate planning software makes it easier for lawyers to help clients plan for end-of-life scenarios.

These programs enable attorneys to generate basic estate plans for clients. Lawyers can use this software to legalize wills and name powers of attorney.

If you're skilled in helping clients build estate plans, you may feel software is unnecessary. However, it may be what you need to quickly and effectively help your clients deal with end of life planning.

Read on for insight into the top seven benefits of using estate planning software!

1. Simplification

Most clients assume that estate planning is complex and difficult. Some may not have the resources to handle a complex estate plan.

Estate planning software simplifies the estate plan process. Software programs incorporate exactly what you need to assemble and change estate documents.

What's more, all potential documents will be accessible from one, digitized location. No more having to sort through pages or file folders!

Simplification of the estate planning can be vital for both your peace of mind and your clients'. Prepping for end-of-life can be taxing in many ways. Thus, it's important to offer your clients as simple and streamlined a process as possible.

2. Client-Friendly Estate Planning

Your clients always come first in everything you do as a practicing attorney. Estate planning software enables you to help your clients comfortably plan for end-of-life.

Many programs will provide client-friendly documents that are easy to read and understand. Some, like Beyond Counsel's software, will automatically translate documents into the first person.

Software also makes it easy to change information in relevant documents, per client wishes. Format documents according to your clients' specific needs. You can do this without having to worry about technical errors.

Clients are likely to choose attorneys that make the estate planning process understandable. Client-friendly documents are also likely to empower your clients throughout this difficult process.

3. Customer Support

Estate planning software provides users with ongoing support should any technical issues arise. Such support can be valuable, especially when it comes to keeping clients happy.

At Beyond Counsel, we ensure that all the firms using our software have the support they need to use our programs with confidence. That being said, we are proud of our product and don't foresee such technical issues arising!

4. Impress Your Clients

Clients will appreciate attorneys that make use of cutting-edge software to get their estates in order. Attorneys who are able to generate client-friendly documents in a timely and comprehensive manner will make a solid impression on all clients, regardless of their needs.

Fostering this type of reputation in the legal industry is important. In this regard, the estate planning software you choose can make you a household name when it comes to estate planning assistance!

Beyond Counsel's estate planning software also makes it easy to anticipate scenarios in your clients' end-of-life preparations. Navigate between defaults you can set up yourself. These include will and revocable trust. Lawyers can also set defaults for general durable of attorney and living wills.

This flexibility is vital for showing your clients that you are here to meet any scenario that arises with their legal plans.

5. Cost-Effective Estate Planning

Your clients depend on mistake-free estate plans. They also will value efficient estate planning.

Estate planning software minimizes mistakes, speeds up the planning process, and helps you maximize your time with clients. For this reason, it is a valuable investment for your law firm, particularly if your firm specializes in estate planning.

Spend more of your firm's resources on what truly matters, rather than wasting time and money shuffling documents and juggling multiple estate plans. Estate planning software offers, in this regard, a cost-effective solution to all of your planning needs.

6. Security

Most estate plans include a lot of sensitive information. These include details about medical history and preferences, family relationships, and financial assets. It is paramount to keep all of this information secure and safe throughout all stages of the estate planning process.

Giving clients this security helps build valuable trust.

Estate planning software offers this security easily. Most programs will have built-in security features to protect against data loss of any kind. At no time will programs put you at the risk of exposing sensitive client information.

If you have any questions about security features for our estate planning software, we have answers.

7. Ease of Management

At the end of the day, estate planning should be efficient and hassle-free for both you and your clients. Estate planning software does not have a learning curve; it is designed for your ease of use and future management.

This can be an asset for all legal firms, particularly those that are wary of bringing yet more software on board. Everyone in your firm deserves to feel confident in the technology at your disposal, and estate planning software certainly joins the lineup in this regard.

What's more, a lot of software programs enable firms to experience a demonstration of services. You may be able to download a free trial of certain programs, for example, to see how good of a fit the software is for your firm.

At Beyond Counsel, we provide all of our clients with a brief, free demonstration of our state-of-the-art estate planning software so that you can feel confident in your selection.

Estate Planning Software

The benefits of estate planning software for law firms are manifold. Software simplifies and streamlines the estate planning process, giving you and your clients valuable peace of mind.

Easily manage and change living documents and impress your clients with your capacity to do this. Generate client-friendly documents in language your clients understand, rather than inscrutable legalese.

All of these benefits ensure that the investment you make in the right software is cost-effective and vital. They also promote healthy client relationships.

At Beyond Counsel, we have produced over 1 million documents for our law firms and lawyers. We have confidence in our system and our team. Curious about our estate planning software? Schedule your demo here!

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