Wills and estate planning documents are about one thing: preparing for the future. When a client comes into your office, it's because they want to make sure they're ready for the future. They realize that they won't always be around to care for their loved ones and want your help to make a plan for when that time comes.

Yet, the estate planning industry is a rapidly changing field and it can be hard to keep up. How can anyone hope to prepare for the future when it comes so quickly? The answer is simple: technology. New wills and estate planning technology is helping attorneys work with their clients to make better plans.

Lawyers should be eager to adopt new cloud-based, mobile-focused, or even AI-powered tools. With these new technologies, lawyers can work harder for their clients and can create better estate plans. The future is coming for the entire industry, and it can only help lawyers make better plans for their clients' futures.

Keep reading below to learn more about how new technology is improving the field of estate planning, and how it can help both you and your clients!

New Software Helps Clients Trust Their Attorneys

The hardest obstacle between estate lawyers and their clients is establishing trust between each other. Clients have a duty to their loved ones to pick a lawyer that they can trust to handle their estate well. After all, clients won't be able to make sure the lawyer they choose actually does their job.

Clients used to have to rely on their intuition to tell if they could trust someone. However, new technology is taking the guesswork out of whether an estate attorney is the right choice for clients.

New software can let clients see their wills get drafted in real time and can give them access to digital copies of it. Clients can even see their attorney's workflow if the office wants to share that kind of information. They'll be able to see exactly what happens to their estate, and how their attorney will carry it out.

Keep reading below to learn how new technology is helping clients build better relationships with their attorney's.

Lawyers can Retire — Estate Planning Software is Forever

One of the biggest questions clients ask themselves while looking for an estate planning attorney is whether the person they choose will be around. They want people who won't retire before it's time for them to execute the will. Picking an estate planning attorney is basically a bet that the attorney will stay in the field.

Now, new technology is digitizing the estate planning process. The software can capture the nuances that go into making an adequate estate planning. Best of all, that plan is preserved digitally, which means it doesn't matter you plan on retiring before executing a client's will.

Since it's all digital, someone else can access and execute the will exactly as the client wants it to be done.

Wills and Estate Planning Software Give People Access

Clients partially have a tough time trusting attorneys because they have limited access to the legal processes that go into making a will. All that goes on behind your desk is a mystery to clients, and that can put people off. They want to understand everything that goes into how their estate will be handled.

While lawyers usually overcome this by communicating with clients about what they're doing at each step of the process, it doesn't always help. Sometimes, attorneys can have difficulty communicating with clients. The more miscommunication there is between attorneys and clients, the worse their relationship will be.

Now, new technology is preventing this from ever becoming a problem. Digital tools are giving clients access to the complex legal processes that go into handling their estate. They can be used to educate clients about the legal system, which helps avoid miscommunications and mistrust.

Wills and Estate Planning Tools Go Beyond Computers

Integrating technology into law offices can be a challenging task. Lawyers aren't technicians and understanding what goes into building a piece of technology can take years for them to comprehend, much less how it can be used. Yet, new pieces of technology are being designed so that almost anyone can use them.

New UX trends are making these tools easy to use. Estate planning tools are also being powered by some of the most revolutionary technologies in the world. Artificial intelligence has found its way into your law office, with a digital cloud hanging above it. Whether you know it or not, you may already be using advanced estate planning tech!

Keep reading below to learn more about what's powering new technological trends in the field of estate planning.

Artificial Intelligence is Can Draft Legal Documents

One of the most revolutionary developments in law was the development of AI-powered drafting. Lawyers have started using AI-powered software to make document drafting quicker and easier. All lawyers need in order to use it a previously made document for the program to learn from.

Once you drag a will or any other kind of estate planning into the software, the AI will automatically read it. Using sophisticated natural-language processing, the software will automatically personalize the document. That means all of your previous drafts can become templates, and the program will fill in whatever details you may need.

Cloud-Based Software Keeps People Connected

The cloud is still making changes throughout a variety of fields, and estate planning is no different! With cloud-based software, lawyers can store legal documents outside of their offices, while also keeping it secure. Drafting programs are automatically saving lawyers' work in separate, secure locations: on the cloud.

That way, you will never risk losing a sensitive document. NO matter what happens to your computer or to your office, your clients' documents will be kept safe. And that does more than just help your clients; it makes you a better attorney.

Wills and Estate Planning is About Preparing for the Future

Wills and estate planning attorneys are meant to help clients prepare for the future. As an attorney, you effectively represent clients when they can't represent themselves. And in a field so focused on the future, it would make sense for you prepare for the future of the field itself.

When you integrate new technologies into your law offices, you're not just helping yourself work better. You're getting your clients better results. Most of all, you're doing exactly what your clients are doing: preparing for the future.

Yet, if you're not sure if you're ready for the future of estate planning, just try out a demo of it. Our invaluable tools will transform your law office so that you can help your clients better than ever before.

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