The first lawyers in ancient Rome and Greece from 200 BCE to 600 CE served to interpret and explain the law to those who needed help. This is very similar to what attorneys do today.

Today's attorneys have a huge advantage over their Roman counterparts: technology. If your firm isn't using estate planning software for attorneys, then your firm is missing out.

By embracing technology, you can help your firm and its attorney stay current and competitive. Keep reading for all the benefits your firm's attorneys will experience when you start using document prep software in your firm.

Streamlined Process

Your attorneys will notice that they spend less time creating each of the documents required for each client. A complete estate plan requires a laundry list of materials, and your lawyers need to work through this list for each client.

Estate planning software can create all the documents needed at one time. This cuts the preparation time down to a fraction.

It will also ensure that any ancillary documents also get created. This reduces the time your attorneys take to look up and confirm whether they need any additional documents.

It also reduces the risk of them forgetting to prepare a needed document.

Fewer Confused Clients

The legal process, in general, is confusing for people. Combine that with the unpleasant topic of estate planning, and you have a recipe for confused, frustrated, and unhappy clients.

Hopefully, in your practice, the client comes first. So using estate planning software helps your clients understand and have confidence in the process.

Document Prep

During the first stages of the process, your attorneys will have to ask your clients a lot of questions. Having document prep software can help streamline this process. This includes avoiding repeated questions and not forgetting vital information.

Your clients can also fill out the answers to these questions in advance. By doing it electronically, the client submitted answers get directly input into the software/

Your clients will appreciate that the process is organized and thorough.

Finished Documents  

The documents that you produce will be client-friendly. They will have clear and easy to understand language. The format will make it obvious what the topic is about.

Your attorneys will notice increased client satisfaction. They will also spend less time explaining the completed documents to their clients.

Making Changes

Your client's lives evolve and change. So the documents you create this year may no longer be viable next year or the year after.

In the past, it meant manually going through each document one by one to make changes. This is no longer the case with document prep software.

Your attorneys will only have to make the change in the client's file. Then all the relevant documents are automatically updated. This dramatically reduces the turnaround time of the updated documents.

There is also a reduced risk of forgetting to update a document.

Increased Client Volume

There is only so much time in the day. Because of this, your attorneys can only help so many clients in a single workday. When you introduce estate planning software, you reduce the time required to assist each client.

The less time required for each client, the more time there is for finding and working with new clients. The increased client volume results in growth for the attorney's portfolio and the overall firm.

Easy to Manage

Prepare to have some pushback from your attorneys. People do not like change, and the legal industry is notorious for being slow adopters.

The great thing about estate planning software is that the learning curve is minimal. Your attorneys will quickly realize that the software is intuitive.

This makes it easy to learn how to manage documents faster and easier. Your attorneys will notice that they spend less time looking for and managing their client's documents.

Increased Security

Client confidentiality is essential, and this includes keeping your client's documents and information secure. Estate planning happens to cover a lot of information considered sensitive.

This could include a medical history and current treatments, family relationships, and financial statements. It will be easier for your attorneys to build trust and confidence with your clients with document prep software.

Look for document preparation software that offers built-in security features. You want to look for a two-pronged approach to security.

First, look for features that prevent data loss. This way you don't have to worry about something happening and your attorneys losing all their hard work.

The second part of your software's security should focus on preventing any accidental breaches that will expose your client's information.

Higher Quality Work Product

We are all human, and therefore we make mistakes. These mistakes happen more often when overworked and in a rush.

Your attorneys can reduce their mistakes by using estate planning software. You only need to enter important information once. Then they have one place they need to check.

All the documents are then templates that have the information inserted. Now your attorneys will spend less time proofreading and making corrections.

Start Using Estate Planning Software for Attorneys

When your firm starts using estate planning software for attorneys both the firm and your attorneys will immediately experience the benefits. You'll streamline the document preparation process.

Your clients will appreciate that the process is clear and understandable. When your clients are happy, your attorney's job becomes easier.

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